(c) BlueInvest Awards Day 2023

‘From bluefins to BlueInvest: Next Tuna’s sustainable solution’

News Article Published 4 March 2024 | Directorate-General for Maritime Affairs and Fisheries

Tuna is a popular seafood but currently relies on wild catch, threatening sustainability. At Next Tuna, we are developing a way to farm Atlantic Bluefin Tuna (ABT), a particularly valuable species. Our approach involves three key areas: proper larval feeding, achieving captive spawning, and creating specialized infrastructure. To achieve this, we leverage partnerships and innovative technology like floating recirculating aqua systems. Our goal is not just commercial success but also to promote sustainable fishing and preserving marine wildlife. The EU’s BlueInvest program has been instrumental in supporting Next Tuna’s journey and awarded us with a Blueinvest Award 2023 for “Sustainable Food and Feed from the Ocean.”

Click here to read the full article: https://oceans-and-fisheries.ec.europa.eu/news/bluefins-blueinvest-next-tunas-sustainable-solution-2024-03-04_en