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Sustainable, Profitable
Fish Farm Ecosystems


The Problem: Feeding Our Future

10 Billion

Expected Population Growth by 2025 with an Estimated 35% Deficit in Protein Production


Seafood Supplied by Aquaculture Industry and the other 50% from Declining Wild Fish Stocks


Seafood Production at Risk from Disease and Environmental Changes

The Solution: Profitable & Sustainable Floating Farm Technology

€290 Billion

Yearly Production Aquaculture Value

€75 Billion

Marine Finfish Production Value

€36 Billion

Yearly Production Value for Tuna

Our Vision

At Next Tuna, we are disrupting the marine aquaculture industry by creating a new, innovative farm ecosystem around our fully enclosed, climate-change resilient Floating RAS-X. This ecosystem will enable the efficient production of all major aquaculture species – including salmon – and is the key to close the gap in sustainable production of Atlantic Bluefin Tuna (ABT) and bring it to commercial scale by 2030. 
Next Tuna Planned Facility in Spain
Next Tuna Planned Facility in Puerto Castellon, Spain

All Upside, Limited Risk

We are looking for investors to partner with us on our First Farm. Let’s talk so see how how together, we can enable profitable and sustainable fish farming.

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