Project diary

Our path from start to a ready for construction project

May 2020

Next Tuna GmbH created
by Andrew, Jan, Paul and Sara

June 2020

From ideas to concept

July 2020

Start funding process
Private and public funds under consideration 

August 2020

Site selection process started
To find the perfect spot at the Mediterranean Coast 

September 2020

Start building partnerships across industry and science
We believe that ABT reproduction requires cooperation  

May 2021

We win EIT Food’s call “Sustainable Aquaculture”
Grant over 70% of project cost to reach ready to construction status 

July 2021 

EIT Food project starts
Partners: IEO, SFS, WLR 

July 2021

Site visits and stakeholder meetings
We have narrowed our site selection to three locations 

July 2021

Innovativeness approved by German Ministry of Economics
Accepted into “Invest Venture Capital” program 

August 2021

Start securing land rights at two locations
We closely examine two potential sites for our farm 

September 2021

Start formalising research and advisor network
Agreements with additional world-class partners 

September 2021

Engineering company hired
First feasibility study for one potential site 

September 2021

Aquaculture Innovation Forum
Finalist at 4th investor summit 

October 2021

European Aquaculture Society conference 2021
Presentation on aquaculture circularity and BlueInvest pitch 

November 2021

Site development progresses
Geologist working on first site, feasibility for second initiated 

Future steps

December 2021

Finalize breeding program
A state-of-the-art breeding program is key to our success   

December 2021

Finalize initial RAS design
Major input into further planning and permitting 

January 2022

Production concept verified by external experts
Important verification of our approach 

February 2022

Finalize floating RAS concept
Construction costs to be estimated on this basis 

March 2022

Create subsidiary at selected site
Make choice regarding site and get on the ground 

April 2022

European Seafood Expo
Networking, sales contracts pre-negotiations 

July 2022 

File permitting applications, start construction contract negotiations

October 2022

Present at European Aquaculture Society conference 2022
We present our production concept 

December 2022

Construction and environmental permits expected

January 2023

ASC certification
Our ABT will be certified sustainable 

April 2023

European Seafood Expo
We will be present with our own booth 

May 2023

Construction financing in place

June 2023

Construction contracts executed, hiring staff for construction and breeding program implementation

July 2023

Start of construction


Next Tuna GmbH
Londoner Str. 3
60327 Frankfurt am Main, Germany



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